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Machinist, manager, and entrepreneur Walter Chrysler became president of Maxwell Motor Co. in 1922 -- the same year that his engineers would design the first Chrysler vehicle, to be offered at Maxwell dealerships. After a 1925 reorganization of both the company and the Chrysler Corporation, an automotive legacy was born.

The Chrysler brand has had many parents since then -- DaimlerChrysler in 1998 and FCA US LLC in 2014, for instance. It's made history from the beginning, too. For example, during World War II, it built Pershing and Sherman tanks for the US military. It was also an innovator in American muscle cars, beginning with the Chrysler C-300 in 1955.

Today, the marque remains an integral part of one of the US Big Three, under the Stellantis umbrella. It's an automaker known worldwide for a lineup of cars and vans distinctive in the luxury segment. By highly recognizable name, they range widely, from Chrysler 300 sedans to the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Voyager families of minivans. Here at My Mopar Parts, we uphold a commitment to that same exceptional quality.

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