OEM Mopar Brake Lights

Brake lights have a simple, self-explanatory job: they signal that you're slowing or stopping your vehicle. They're different from tail lighting, however, even though you can usually find both types of lights inside the same light assembly. There's an easy way to tell which is which. Turn on your headlights or activate your parking brake, and your tail lights come on, too. Your brake lights, on the other hand, activate when you step on your brakes. They're usually a brighter red and distinct from reverse lights, which are white. If you're having brake light problems, there's a few explanations why.

Why Are My Brake Lights Not Working?

For one, a bulb could be burned out. With how frequently you use your brake lights, it happens. Plus, older cars that still use halogen lamps require replacing them more often; today's LED lights, on the other hand, last a lot longer. Secondly, you could have a bad brake light switch. The analog type wears out over time. Plus, switches can get dirty, and that'll interfere with contact and signal transmission. If all your brake lights are out simultaneously, most likely, you've got a bad switch. Thirdly, you could have a blown fuse. It's highly likely if your brake light switch is fine and neither side turns on. Finally, you could have a bad socket. If just one brake light out and your bulb is fine, the socket connections could be dirty or rusty, or the wiring could be so worn that connectivity's become intermittent. Whatever your brake light issues, our auto parts store has the solution: new genuine Mopar brake lights. You can order them here online, along with the necessary light assembly kits. Buy now and save!

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